Lowdown Brass Band – Everybody Loves The Sunshine

LDBBrass bands are known for keeping it funky. There were scores of marching bands over the past ten years who combined the intensity and sheer volume of college marching bands with the ferocity of punk bands, all while covering The Meters, P-Funk, JB, and a slew of funky music. The Lowdown Brass band keep their sound in the tradition of a Southern brass band with its classic instrumentation. This ten piece power house features trumpets, tenor and baritone saxes, sousaphones, trombones, and battery (aka percussion). Influenced by these past brass bands as well as soul, funk, reggae, hip hop, and R & B, the Lowdown Brass Band flexes their chops on their new record Lowdown Sounds. A melting pot of funkiness, this record showcases a talented group of musicians who have one thing in common: they play the funk and soul like it’s the last day on earth. Needle dropping this LP we hear many influences. From the gospel clap of “I’ve Got That Feeling” to Nawlins stomp of “Big Shirley” to the Latin tinged “Quieres Bailar”, these musicians know their music and know it well. We are digging the slow grinding “Eazy Greazy” and the funky soundtrack sound of “Death Blow”. Combining their music with a call and response symphony, they are not just playing to the audience, they are getting them involved. Wallflowers take note, The Lowdown Brass Band will get you up and dancing, even if it’s in your office cubicle. However, as far as songs go, we have saved the best for last, a stunning cover of Roy Ayers’ “Everybody Loves The Sunshine”, that features Ayers himself on vocals. A beautiful rendition of this classic, this version will take you from Chicago’s harsh winters to the warm beach at 57th Street mid-summer. It’s a blast from the past and has the band in full summer swing, Roy crooning like the old days never left. Watch out for the funky vibe breakdown as well, it’s dope. One last note on these guys: they are not just professional musicians, but educators as well, traveling to educational institutions to offer classes from beginner to masters, as well as performances and assemblies for kids of all ages. Right on, they give back too. Lowdown Sounds is out on 9/19 on cd and vinyl. Everyone needs a little brass band in their life.

More info on The Lowdown Brass Band and the new release here.

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