Flea Market Funk x Madison Square Park

MSP PhotoThis Saturday, September 6th, Flea Market Funk will be spinning a 90 minute outdoor set in Madison Square Park in celebration of the bicentennial anniversary of the park itself. The experimental art party Mad TASK 200 will be taking place, and we will be playing a funky set of funk, soul, hip hop, jazz breaks, soundtracks, and other nuggets to end the event which is 6pm to 9pm. We are always up for a good time, and this free event that’s outdoors is right up our alley. We are also spinning alongside Kristine Barilli, so this will be a fun night. Here is some info on the party:

“Created by artist Oliver Herring, TASK is an improvisational art experience where participants follow two simple rules. First, participants write down a task on a piece of paper and add it to a designated “TASK pool.” Then, they pull a task from that pool and interpret it any way they want, using props or materials provided. When a task is completed, a participant writes a new task, pulls a new task, and so on. TASK is a piece of art and a creative tool. It is a point of access to contemporary art that is experimental, open-ended, and accessible to anyone, whether you’re a 7-year-old kid or a 70-year-old retiree. Everyone within TASK’s structure has an equal voice in shaping the momentum and flow of what happens. TASK is also a means to creatively connect people to one another and their immediate environment,” said Oliver Herring. “There have been 100s of TASK Parties held already all over the country and beyond. Mad. Sq. 200 TASK will be the first open to the public TASK Party in NYC, my home turf, and appropriately the largest TASK yet. We’re working hard to turn this into a super creative, NY melting pot experience.”

See you guys at the Park!

More info on the event here.

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