Jungle Fire – Tropicoso

TropicosoJungle Fire #3 _ Cred Duran CastroPhoto Courtesy of Duran Castro

When you get a record from a band, you just know they are going to make an impact. Such was the case when FMF got their hands on Los Angeles afro funk and soul outfit Jungle Fire’s first seven inch from Colemine Records. It was a double sided banger with a Fela Kuti cover on it. We thought: “watch out for this group”. Fast forward to a little bit later and JF release their scorcher single “Firewalker”. This 45 made many top ten lists of 2013 (including number one here), and with a grip of touring, Jungle Fire set out to conquer the universe. With a Kickstarter just about funded for a short film (hint hint, back this!), their full length LpTropicoso is pure fire.

Continuing on with their latin/ african influenced jawns, Jungle Fire go straight to the jugular with heat. The two singles are included on this record, “Firewalker” and “Tokuta” (with their respective flip sides), and they continue to keep the dance floor moving with the hot stepper of a track, “Culebro”. Another side, “Village Hustle”, brings even more heat with its disco bass line and African horns. This tune that surely will get some spins. While “Snakepit” explores heavy latin percussion and is a slow burner with a groove that grabs you, the title track, “Tropicoso” builds on their well known percussion until there is a cinematic soul explosion in your ears. A backdrop for a movie if we have ever heard it, so Hollywood take note. Full of vibrant horns and a chunky backbeat, you know right away why this is the first track you’ll hear. Churning out even more heat, “Los Feligreses” is an upbeat, guitar driven percussion and horn bomb. If Fela and Eddie Hazel had a child with Sheila E at the same time, this is what it would sound like. Truth. Tropicoso has been one of the most highly anticipated full lengths as of late, and with good reason. As a band, Jungle Fire are leading the charge in this genre of latin influenced African rhythms, and this record is the only evidence you need. We’ve been on these guys since the beginning, and we are happy to finally hear a long player from a band that is going to go far. Vinyl out September 30th on Nacional, get in line now.

More info and order the record here.

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