Braen Raskovich – Cattura

Abnormal SensationsHere at Flea Market Funk we like to turn you on to new things. Today is not different. We’ve got a treat from the good people over at Finder’s Keeper’s Records. They’ve reissued a holy grail of sorts, Abnormal Sensations, from Alessandro Alessandroni, Giuliano Sorgini and Giulia De Mutiis using their Giallo-psych alter egos as Braen Raskovich. This record is a collective of their library/ psych and funky sounds, and once you hear the sample below, you will agree this was much needed to be put out there. This LP is a culmination of sounds that combines stoner funk with industrial scrapes, moans, and other aural pleasures. These twelve tracks together form like Voltron to give the listener some of the best Italian soundtrack work out there. Each one of these composers are famous in their own right, straight up killing (pun intended) soundtracks and scores throughout their career. The three together, collectively known in production as The Pawnshop, got together in 1973 to drop this record that was commercially unreleased. Originally circulated around television and cinema production houses in the 70’s by library label Octopus, it sees a proper release from Finder’s Keepers. Although it may have been a bit too supernatural for crime films etc. at the time, this record will peak the interest of freak funk and psych fans alike. Hell, if you like funky soundtrack work, you will be on this too. Here’s what the label has to say about the release:

“For fans of extrovert Italian freak funk, avant garde pop and European horror sountracks, this LP should sit comfortably in the company of your Bruno Nicolai and Gruppo Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza records and draw striking comparisons to international horror soundtracks by Don Gere, Pierre Raph and Andrzej Korzynski while exposing another secret hiding place for some of Italy’s finest A-List composers making rich experimental noise for B-Movie masterpieces.”

“Cattura” is just a taste of what these masters could do as a team. We love the twangy guitar and flute that dominate in this short composition. Reminds us of some Vampyros Lesbos type of tracks, and we are all in on this release. Eerie as well as infectious, this track is exactly what you need as an intro to this genre if you’re not familiar. Say hello to your new, little friends.

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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