Darrin James Band – Bombs Away

Bombs AwayContinuing on with the flow of African influenced and afro beat tracks still in 2014, we bring you some heavy Flea inspired, politically charged music from the Darrin James Band out of Ann Arbor, MI. James, a seasoned music veteran, spent his formative years in Brooklyn perfecting his music, returned to his college town of Ann Arbor after a successful run of gigs, records, and 10 years of experience in 2010. He immediately connected back with Ann Arbor’s music scene and has put together a fine group of musicians from Michigan as well as Brooklyn to back him up on this release. Playing with the spirit of Fela in his music as well as speaking to his fellow humans about the state of the world present and past, we think James has captured the exact sound he was looking for on this single. We haven’t heard this much political cry in the latest batch of afro beat/ African influenced sides that have been flowing freely from the four corners of the United States. While most records are for sure deeply rooted in the pioneers of the genre, it’s more musical than anything. There is no political outcry like James and company do on this track: “Unmanned drones, no-fly zones….Bombs Away, Big Mistake.” While most musicians play just to play, feel the rhythm and spread the musical love, Darin James has a message to the world on this one. Whether it works for or against him is yet to be seen. We at Flea Market Funk feel that this side was done tastefully, and if you’ve listened to Fela in the past, it’s a spot on tribute (with his own twist) track. While a track like this may or may not garner the right attention because it’s controversial (no one wants to call out our government in public for fear of reprecussions), we are here to say the track was a great thing to wake up to this Monday morning. If you like your music mixed with a bit of political activism as well as African horns and percussion, then “Bombs Away” is right up your alley. A 12″ vinyl release is available as well as digital and CD formats. This is music for the people.

Get the record here.

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