Stepak Takraw – Phat Fat Jackson

StepakThe funk can be found in all corners of the world, and it’s no surprise that this new forty five from Japan sounds like something that Jazzman might dig up and reissue. In fact, it’s brand new and from an outfit called Stepak Takrow. Hailing from Kansai, Stepak Takrow run the gamut from funk to afro funk and soul, latin jazz and more. This is their third 45, and the first one that’s come across our plate here at Flea Market Funk. Very interesting indeed. This one’s out on the Soul Garden label, and “Phat Fat Jackson” b/w “Chang Moi” keep it interesting to say the least.

Funky and gritty, this 7′ is a union between the Chakaras and some beautiful afro funk. The endless percussion on “Phat Fat Jackson”, is well, endless. They get locked into a serious groove here on this one. In fact, their last 45, “Apache” had the same good problem: a locked in groove, that particular time with their take on the classic breakbeat. If it’s good to you, it’s good for you and the Stepak Takraw groove to make you move is in full effect. The B-side “Chang Moi” is sort of an uptempo guitar freakout, a bit different from the A, but nice all the same. It’s a different feel and different sound this time. You all know Japan loves the funk and soul, and we are pleased to give this one up this morning. Now to get it into our record bag pronto.

Have a listen and pick up the record here.

More on their Soundcloud.

Stepak Takraw Live!

Keep Diggin’!

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