Klaus Layer – For The People Like Us

RDF053_-_Klaus_Layer_-_For_The_People_Like_Us_-_Cover_WEB_c75d4e7e-004f-46c4-a1dc-7dc219d8d8b2KL 2Coming straight out of Germany like a Mesut Ozil shot, Klaus Layer aka Captain Crook has been making some waves throughout Europe. His collaboration with New Jersey’s ReDefinition Records is introducing his very special sound to new ears and audiences here in the States. With an East Coast 90’s mindset and influenced by everyone from Pete Rock to Can to label mate Damu The Fudgemunk, as well as artists like Michael Hamel and Günther Fischer, Klaus Layer is a force to be reckoned with. Part surrealist artist, part film noir soundtrack, and part boom bap beat maker, Layer uses the sampler as an instrument to construct the many layers of music all wrapped up in his songs. The Berlin Wall coming down was a huge event that opened up this musician’s mind and ears to whole new horizons, and it is a huge part of what he sounds like. Able to digest new music, artists, and movies, this historic time would propel him forward and shape his sound we hear today. Filled with melodic and percussive patterns, we bring to you today the unique beats of Klaus Layer.

“For People Like Us” is an atmospheric and airy track filled with enough hard drums to make you pull a muscle in your neck. It really reminds us of the Thes One Lifestyle Marketing project. Filled with quirky samples that float through the space like the lunar module, the piano riff and library records television commercial hook reel you in right from the beginning. This is a guy who knows what he’s shooting for in his sound and goes after it. Cinematic and soulful, but with just enough of the right drums to make it knock, we say: “Welcome to America good sir, you had us at the first drum beat.” ReDefinition Records have been making a name for themselves with artists like Layer, Damu, K-Def, as well as putting out specialty goods and boutique packaging that the record (and cassette) buying public have been eating up. If you like good beats, finely crafted tracks, and real music, then you’ll like what they have to offer. Klaus Layer is a name you need to watch out for, just remember where you heard it.

Buy the LP here.

More info on ReDef here.

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