Skinshape – The Place Upstream

Skinshape CoverFreaky Friday here at Flea Market Funk. We’ve been exploring much soundtrack stuff as of late as we put together episode two of our radio show, and this plethora of divine sounds is just what the doctor ordered before the weekend begins. Skinshape is 23 year old Will Dorey, and this slice of funky drums, psychedelica, dub, and other sounds is a soundtrack to someone’s movie. Perhaps it’s a soundtrack to something in our head, but whatever the case, there is one thing for certain: it’s good. Recorded mostly in bedrooms and lounges, with the exception of the drums, which were recorded in Will’s studio in North London The Arch, this is one vibe we heavily dig. In fact, Will plays most of the instruments on this entire record, however there are guest appearances by Slovenian vocalist Anina on the track “Stabo”, and the soulful sounds of London producer Aaron Paul on “Sunday Morning”. Across the board this record explores a lot of territory, and we feel it closely resembles some original soundtrack work. It can be moody and yet upbeat at times

“The Place Upstream” echoes some early 70’s library or soundtrack beats, complete with jangly guitar and psych rock drums. This is the tune for us. With haunting female vocals breaking down into a percussion freakout, the beat has no where to go but up. You have to keep an open mind here people, and this kind of stuff is a natural progression from pure funk and soul. Dorey is a talented musician, a magician with a funky vision. There are some other notable tracks as well. “Sunday Morning” has producer Aaron Paul turning soul crooner over 60’s soul drums, while “Heartache” is an example of how you always need more cowbell. “You Don’t Love Me” hauntingly weaves a tale of love loss over lo-fi drum beats. All in All, Skinshape LP is a sleeper of a record that you should try and get your hands on. Put out on Melting Records out of Athens, Greece, don’t sleep on this new release.

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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