J-Zone – Stick Up b/w Mad Rap

Stick Up 45We are so glad that the realest mutha in this music game has decided to keep on putting out great music. In fact, The Onion Ring Pimp has gone beyond keeping it real on this one. Known for telling it like it is, calling out phony rappers, and making great music, this Queens rapper and producer has now added something else to his respective CV: musician. J-Zone is nice on the drums if you didn’t know. My man straight up kills the skins on this side, and while we’re at it, the Ace Tone organ he plays too makes it sound like some eerie soundtrack heat as well. The flip, “Mad Rap” is classic J-Zone rhyming over some dollar store heat he has cooked up. And he is just not rappin’ bullshit either. Zone gets serious about the state of the industry and black culture in general. This line sums up the whole track: “You know it’s bad when a comedy rapper gotta make a serious record.” A comedy rapper who has been in the industry, the REAL music industry for 15+ years. A dude who has no bones on telling you what really goes on in the biz. A man who sticks by his principles and get maximum respect for never sugar coating what a monster the music industry is, how it will eat and swallow you whole and not give two shits, then move on to some bullshit and forget about you forever. This is a guy you should support, forget about these fly by night dudes reppin’ the hood, wearing Jordans and a Gucci belt and taking the bus (yes I just quoted Kat Williams). J-Zone in our opinion, has earned the right to tell his tale. He lived through it, and keeps it 100 every day. That’s 100% real, not trill. So if you like home cooked and produced music with that gritty and greasy drum sound, “Stick Up” is for you. You can get it on iTunes as well. Play on playa.

Keep Diggin’!

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