Great Revivers – Rhino’s Walk

Dead DippingGreat Reivers OrganIn the deep of the night, at the scene of the crime, he arrives, just in time…..The he we speak of is Frank Raines and his Funk Night Records straight out of The Motor City of Detroit. Mr. Raines has been putting out incredible 45s of the funky kind for quite a while. The label, which has an impressive stable of artists, may not be on your radar. Take note, stick a post it on your turntable, or bookmark this page because this latest release is quite special. The Great Revivers, hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia make funky music. Their heavy organ and guitar driver tracks fall into the library and funk music category, with a little splash of psychedelic to keep you moving in the right direction. They’ve released half a dozen seven inches that are completely solid through and through. Their latest effort on Funk Night, “Rhino’s Walk” is another scorcher.

With some jungle drums to start and a Calvin Arnold sounding guitar, you get a blast of organ right in your face from the get go. Keeping pace just lovely, the organ is just a note away from some freak beat stuff. However, as the fuzz guitar kicks in, both organ and drums chug along lovely. A television backdrop to some seedy detective story. However, we have this big drum break that well, you can’t not love. Who doesn’t like open drums? I mean, that’s what we’re here for. The only negative I have to say about this record is that it ends too soon! More Great Revivers please! The B-Side, “Dead Dipping” is some top notch organ grind mid tempo goodness. This is an organ track through and through. Some extra percussion gives us a surf vibe as well, a bonus sound we wouldn’t expect from a SPb band. Then it just switches up to some spy movie funk and ends just like that. Excellent stuff out of Detroit vis Russia. Don’t sleep!

Contact Frank at: for more information.

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