Yokel Addicts Presents DJ Format

FormatFor those who are deep in the digging game, you will know this man’s name. For those who don’t, it’s high time you broaden your horizons and get with an artist who has been doing large things for quite some time. It’s DJ Format we speak of, and when he’s not out digging up dirty, dusty vinyl nuggets from car boot sales and charity shops, he’s performing all over the world. A new night out in Swindon, UK called Yokel Addicts Presents focuses on DJs from around the world who have a passion for records. Their first night featured DJ Format, and they interviewed him after the gig. Check out the above video as Format talks traveling the globe, collecting vinyl records, and his life long obsession with rap 45s. A great look into a DJ that should definitely be on your radar and what he is all about. Flea Market Funk, turning you on to real music since 2007.

Keep Diggin’!

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