Danny Spice & the Wildstyle Tribute Band – Live At The Throwdown

liveatthethrowdownfrontcoverdigitalFresh off the heels of The King Amongst Thieves and the successful track “Incredible” that featured Ugly Ducking’s Dizzy Dustin, Danny Spice comes back (and correct) immediately with Live At The Throwdown. Not only does he grab the title from a classic film, but pays tribute to a DJ night he hosted in the past. You see, a producer of this caliber has no problem rounding up his favorite emcees to spit on this record. He enlists Emskee (Good People/ Rampagers), Oxygen (Soundsci, Spox PHD), Audessey (Soundsci/ Jack Jones), and Mr. Thing to do their thing on some impressive production. In other words, cleverly crated samples and heavy drums make this recipe one that you can cook with.

With a Golden Age mindset and spot on production, you get to hear the best of the best of self made emcees and a producer that knows how to dig in the crates to make the most out a sample. The choice is yours. You can get with this, or you can get with that. This, being no personality, cookie cutter hip hop that follows the commercial formula. That being beautifully crafted beats and well thought out rhymes by past and future legends of the game. You get the listener favorite posse cut, “Art of War” that features Sadat X from Brand Nubian, Emskee, Finsta, and Cappo. You also get one of the best DJs (and quite possibly the best Boiler Room performance we’ve seen) in Mr. Thing, a talented digger and flawless record slinger. This EP is one that you are going to want to grab because there isn’t one bad track. They are all so good, we can’t pick a fave. So, if you like neck snapping drums and rhymes that you can vibe to, then Live At The Throwdown is for you. Danny Spice is a powerhouse in production and these emcees performances all speak for themselves on the record. Possibly Spice’s best output to date, you can grab it today from Crate Escape records in a hand numbered limited edition 12″ EP or digital download. The EP’s artwork was done by our favorite crate digger/ designer Mr. Krum, and the vinyl features two exclusive instrumentals not offered in the digital download. Grab this and just go. Danny Spice is a name you need to remember. Say it slow, Danny Spice, then strap on the headphones and get lost in this great record. Top notch my friends.

Get the record here.

Bandcamp digital and more here.

Keep Diggin’!

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