10 Original Records We Would Love To Have At The Moment

10-Records-Wed-LoveEveryone has a want list. We here at Flea Market Funk have a list a mile long, and it grows every day. From funk 45s to rap 12″s and Jamaican white labels to Blue Note first pressings and northern soul goodies, it seems like we will never fill it up because it never gets shorter. We’ve been thinking a lot lately about some records we’d love to have, and we wanted to pose the question to our readers as well:

What are the 10 records you’d love to have right now if money was no object?

Here’s our list.

1. Harumi S/T

2. Placebo – Ball Of Eyes

3. Eugene McDaniels – Headless Heroes of the Apocolypse

4. Tim Maia – Rational Culture

5. Caetano Veloso – S/T

6. Ennio Morricone – Come Impari Ad Amare Le Donne OST

7. Lee Moses – Time and Place

8. Cosmic Twins – The Waterbearers

9. JuJus & Sarah Webster Fabio – Alchemy of the Blues

10. Mulatu Estatke – Yegele Tezeta

Most of these records are available in a reissue, we know that. However, we’d love to roll up on a crate with some of this heat in it. There’s always hope, and we will never give up. Neither should you. Send us your list and we will post it on our social media.

Keep Diggin’!

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