Sarah Vaughn – Evil (Belabouche Rework)

SV FGSometimes I don’t know where I’m going ’til I been…..Wednesday never felt so good over here at FMF. When we dug up this Feeling Good record by Sarah Vaughn on Mainstream from 1972, little did we know we’d be getting a banger of a rework of “Easy Evil” from Mr. Belabouche and OBM Records some time later. The original track stands out on its own as a funky and sometimes sassy get down. Those Mainstream releases in that era were known for their left of center approach and all are truly great outputs in their own right. Only Black Music and Mr. Belabouche decided to give it it a bit of slap bass funky and jazzy reworking. It’s a groovy late night trip for you to get down to on your own time, and that time is now. With a grip of party mixes on their soundcloud page, this reworking is only a sample of what this Italian label can do. Great to hear someone making this record that much better with a remix. We’re getting down to it over a cup of Secret Affair espresso blend from Mod Cup, that’s just how we do it early morning style. You do you, and just enjoy it. Let’s hope Miss Sarah V. helped you start your day off right, because we are good to go.

More music from the OBM soundcloud page.

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