J Zone – Lunch Breaks

RDF063_LUNCH-BREAKS_J-ZONE_COVERGive the drummer some y’all, because the drummer hasn’t had some, in a long time. We have been waiting for this record here for quite a while, and now J-Zone, ReDefinition Records, and The Drum Broker are proud to get this 12″ of raw ass, heavy, live drums called Lunch Breaks. J-Zone has become quite the drummer, learning the drums just a few years ago, and killing it we might add. Always the student, Chief Chinchilla didn’t just learn to play the drums. He went deeper. He wanted to get the same sounds he was sampling as a producer. Live drummers have always been around in hip hop, but the sound hasn’t. This is where he went a step further by becoming an expert on the vintage drums, drum recording and mic techniques of Stax, Chess, Motown, and James Brown to get the right sound. That is dedication. The material on this record is comprised of familiar and original drum breaks, all performed and recorded by J-Zone himself. It is a must have for any beatmaker, producer or drum aficionado. Available on 12″ 45 RPM vinyl and limited edition cassette, the vinyl edition includes 9 bonus tracks not available on the digital version as well. Vinyl wins again with the bonus! If you like a good drum break played by a real drummer, Lunch Breaks is for you. Who are we kidding, it’s for everyone. If you don’t like drums and you’re reading this, you’re on the wrong website. Hear a sample and J-Zone speak on this release, drums, and more in the video below.

Get the record here.

More info here.

Keep Diggin’!

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