Lefty’s Soul Connection – Akathisia

LSC EPI can remember hearing Lefties Soul Connection close to ten years ago, with a rumbling cover of DJ Shadow’s “Organ Donor” that just rocked our world. That raw sound was there, and maybe we are just really partial to the Hammond, but all around they were making some good music. Heavy organ funk that shook the paint off of the shutters. Releasing most of their music on MPM aka Melting Pot Music (a bunch of highly sought after and collectable 45s along the way), their latest EP, Akathisia is a return to the roots of sorts. A return to raw funk instrumentals that are full of heavy drums, jangly guitar, boss bass lines, and of course, dynamite Hammond organ. They once again recorded these tracks live to analog tape, and the result is nothing less than spectacular. The title track, is a haunting organ B Boy anthem, with all the way live drums that will have you uprocking in your seat. “Chum Shaker” is an upbeat organ and percussion filled bomb that is set to explode in any second. The track “Lepak” is so close to the spirit of The Meters that you’d think it was pressed on Josie, while ‘Cheyenne” has OST written all over it. A backdrop to some Italian B movie, it reminds us of those ultra pricey movie soundtracks we all would love to get our hands on in a dollar bin, but they never show up. They have the sound that can make the dance floor move, but they can also set a tone or mood like hey do with “Cheyenne”. That’s the beauty of LSC. “Burning The Cane” to us, is more of a fee form jam of a track where percussion and organ move freely along their funky way until the record stops. All in all, this is the type of music we have been waiting for from LSC once again. The back to the essence, no nonsense, raw as hell funk and soul. It’s back, and your neck will be hurting from snapping it so hard. Limited to 1,000 12″ records, the vinyl version includes two sample ready bonus skits for all of you producers who need some more material. The EP is available in digital format as well, but let’s get serious: we want the vinyl. Add this to your holiday list, because Christmas just came early.

Watch the video for Akathisia

Get the record here.

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