Frankie Chops – The Digger, The Drifter, The Trigger

LootersAfter the great reception of the exclusive soundtrack for Flea Market Funk by the Butta Bros. Marcellus Wallace and Skeme Richards, we’ve got another banger of a soundtrack for the masses today. The beat making collective known as 13 Looters bring Frankie Chops : The Digger, The Drifter, the Trigger, a record in the form of a soundtrack. Crafted with unreleased, exclusive beats, this adventure follows the fictional character Frankie Chops as he gets lost somewhere between the scrap yard and recording studio. With a sound heavily influenced by 70’s funk and soul, library music and the like, the all sampled affair has a feel of the soundtracks and movie scores from that era we all have grown to love and collect. Musically, the record flows beautifully as a soundtrack does, pointing us in the many different directions Mr. Frankie Chops is going. A great sample of a cover of Marvin Gaye weaves its way in between funky wah wah guitars and hard hitting drum breaks and nicely placed atmospheric beats to keep the listener wanting more and more. Formed close to three years ago, the 13 Looters are Kayo, Gaston, Mandal, Bonzer, Hone, Rectape, Madpressure, DJ Zoom, David HTZ, Karlis, Nahtee, Nyls Beats, DJ Saligo, Demo King and the group War Deluxe give it their all on this OST. 13 producers and musicians with different influences and a shared love of creating great music combine together for a project you will surely dig. It’s available on limited edition 12″ vinyl as well as digital, so scoop this soundtrack up while you can. Let’s hope Frankie makes it to the recording studio on time and in one piece.

Get the record here.

More info on 13 Looters here.

Keep Diggin’!

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