FMF x Hot Peas & Butta: Cops, Crooks and Spies Exclusive Mix

IMG_1716When it comes to music that is hard to get, obscure, and from the first needle drop you are saying “Oh Shit!”, Hot Peas & Butta never disappoint. Flea Market Funk and HP&B are always trying to turn you on to some new ish, and when we do a collaboration, you know it’s more than official. For the past half a year, the Butta Bros. (Skeme Richards and Marcellus Wallace) have been working on a bi-coastal, all vinyl mix exclusively for Flea Market Funk. Digging through their respective vinyl libraries and rare VHS collections, they’ve put together Cops, Crooks and Spies, a guest mix for the FMF family. This is no ordinary mix though, it’s got music you won’t hear any place else. It’s a culmination of library funk, deep OST cuts, and far left field funky music from films and the like. The dialogue is something special, combining the best of cop television, movie spies, and crooks tapes that will leave you shaking your head and searching for your watch and wallet at the same time. This is not a mix schlocked together at all. It’s a carefully crafted project that was mastered tastefully and given the utmost respect to the cover art as Hot Peas & Butta always do. We’re proud to be in the extended family, and urge you all if you haven’t yet gotten down with this crew to get on over there and experience things that a lot are missing out on. Who cares if The Game is dating an 18 year old? We’re premiering a facemelter of a mix serving up hot lava rocks from start to finish. And it’s FREE. Take your 4chan trolling ass and point it towards what’s really going on: great records dug up by by experienced diggers and DJs. There is no digital here people, this is an all vinyl, all analog project. Check out the mix below and keep it locked to Flea Market Funk and Hot Peas & Butta. Thanks for your continued support of both of the sites, and we look forward to hearing what you think about the mix.

Support Hot Peas & Butta here.

Check out the heaters over at the Marcellus Wallace soundcloud.

Keep Diggin’!

3 responses to “FMF x Hot Peas & Butta: Cops, Crooks and Spies Exclusive Mix

  1. Hey guys, im a huge fan of what you guys put out. Just pure dopeness. My question is regarding to Marsellus Wallace & Skeme Richards project Cops Crooks & Spies. When will that be pressed on vinyl for purchase? Very interested in that particular project. Amazing project. Thank you for your time

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