Marsellus Wallace – Stepping Stones Mix

Stepping Stones CoverWe would be remiss if we didn’t highlight this latest mix, Stepping Stones from one of the best DJs you may not be aware of, Marsellus Wallace. In digging circles, dude is legendary. Heavy drum breaks, rare Italian soundtracks, library music and more, his knowledge and crates are deep. Known for not just his amazing record, Marsellus is a dude that does everyone a solid by sharing his treasures with the world. When not playing out all over the world, he can be found meticulously making exclusive mixes to share with everyone. He’s done exclusive stuff for us here at Flea Market Funk, and is a Hot Peas & Butta man for life. This latest mix, Stepping Stones is a journey through sound. A trip, if you will to the classics, with one common denominatore: The drum. Here’s what Marsellus had to say in his own words about this latest masterpiece:

After spending the past 7 months on this mix, I am proud to announce my latest release. “Stepping Stones” is a dedication the the classics. These are the albums we tend to find out in the field, regardless of how dry the creek is. These are without a doubt songs that have proven to stand the test of time. All tracks have been remixed, arranged, and sewn together by yours truly. Enjoy.

This thing is an absolute burner, which has been getting major play here in the FMF offices, and with this long weekend coming up, will be getting even more. Respect! Check out Stepping Stones below:

More Marsellus Wallace mixes here.

Keep Diggin”!

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