Men of North Country – One More Time

MONCOh have we waited for a cover of Joe Jackson for so long. The genius that recorded Look Sharp!, Body and Soul, I’m The Man, Night and Day, and a grip of other eclectic albums (Anyone remember the OST to Mike’s Murder?). Due went from rock to new wave to jazz to ska to classical all in one breath. Just solid music all around if you’re not privy to it before. Well, Tel Aviv soul band Men of North Country have really out done themselves this time with a bang up cover of Jackson’s classic “One More Time” off of the seminal Look Sharp! LP while they were on the BBC’s Craig Charles Show. With added horn section, this high octane side gets a super jolt of soul/ ska treatment and lead singer Yashiv Cohen completely nails the vocals on this one. This is a great cover. Maybe it’s our love for Joe Jackson, but that is not just it. Men Of North Country are a great band, and as these late ’70’s/ early ’80’s nuggets get rediscovered by younger audiences, this is a perfect way to get into Mr. Jackson, as well as the talented lads in MONC’s take on it. Their new record, This City , features a tribute to Wu Tang and Stax Records darling Wendy Rene and a Northern Soul classic cover in Lou Pride’s “I’m Com’un Home (In the Morn’un)” plus 10 more eclectic tracks. Fusing deep soul, post punk, nu wave and more, MONC are really on to something. Check out the Joe Jackson cover below and read more about the band at the link after. We are definitely looking forward to the chaps getting to the US and getting some exposure more than one more time. Brilliant.

Men of North Country – One More Time Live In Studio

Pre-order the new record This City on Acid Jazz records here.

MONC on the web

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