Big Ups With Ted@theControls


A chance delivery of a Tucker & Bloom Rich Medina bag to a father for his 17 year old DJ son who has been DJing all 45 vinyl since he was 12 (who is now 18) in NYC and that’s how I met Ted Lavender aka Ted@theControls. A young man who, like many of us, got his start out our dad’s record collection has made quite a name for himself in the UK. A regular at big festivals and events around the UK, young Ted continues to move forward, wowing crowds with his eclectic sets. We are happy to have him on this episode of Big Ups. This is a feel good feature that would make any dad (and mum) proud. Without further ado, feel it in your heart and soul, here’s Ted@theControls……


More info here.

Check out Ted@theControls mixcloud page.

Keep Diggin’!

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