508 Hours Of Rudy Van Gelder Engineered Tracks

rvg-st-3-soundsPhoto Francis Wolff

When Rudy Van Gelder died, he left a legacy of music. Some of that music we have listened to over and over, but like many, we haven’t heard all of the great recordings RVG has been a part of. This recently came across our office and we thought we would share it. It is 508 hours of Rudy Van Gelder engineered tracks. From Dexter Gordon to Donald Byrd to Jimmy Smith to Wayne Shorter to Ike Quebec, Larry Young and more, this is a playlist you might want to bookmark and listen to when you have some time. Along with the music, we particularly dig the Francis Wolff photo of Stanley Turrentine at Van Gelder Studios, taken from Blue Hour and The Three Sounds in 1960. While there will never be another RVG, you can not deny that the man changed the way jazz was recorded and the listener listened to it. Thanks to who ever put this thing together, it looks like we have a lot of listening to do: like over 21 days of it. A small price to pay for a legend’s work.

Get the playlist here.

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