Klaus Layer Feat. KAAN – Sleepy Hollow People

society-collapseYowza! One of our favorite producers and a newer emcee that can spit have a collabo together and it is as dope as we had hoped it would be. Klaus Layer, Redefinition Records’ secret proucer weapon is on the beats with East Coast rapper KAAN on this track from Layer’s Society Collapse Lp with “Sleepy Hollow People”. Klaus Layer’s beats are well, layered with sounds and deep drums that hit and echo your rib cage like a Michael Anthony bass solo x Alex Van Halen drum solo circa 1984. In other words, the beats are tough. KAAN goes in once again with his faster than the speed of light flow. It’s a match made in heaven as far as we are concerned. Layer knows exactly what put into his beats, and with plenty of atmosphere, it’s what we call a sure shot here at Flea Market Funk. The US/ German connection looks to be a great opening for future collaboration of the two talented individuals.

This record is a musical manifesto for reclaiming that awareness, personal choice and inspiration for progression. – Klaus Layer

This entire project is Layer’s fourth record since his debut on ReDef in 2013, and sounds like his best to date. Two years in the making, and we finally have this masterpiece. One of the best producers coming out of Germany at this time, Layer is a work horse that delivers again and again. That’s the thing with this record, you will be playing it again and again. The guy has talent, and with his output, his discography is going to be long, mean, and full of hard hitting songs (even more than it is now). Don’t sleep, Klaus Layer is taking over. Get on the train before it leaves the station. Here are a few perks if you pre-order the record and other tid bits:

-Pre-order ships by November 11th (vinyl release date subject to change, may ship extra early if rls date is moved up by a few weeks).

-Exclusive Deluxe color vinyl features the LP on Black & Mint A/B blend, with Orange & Yellow Splatter (this version will only be sold here and at HHV).

-Includes 12″ LP, 11″x17″ poster and bonus 45 w/ 2 vocal tracks.

-Also available Black Vinyl LP w/bonus 45 and poster and Cassette versions.

Klaus Layer feat KAAN: Sleepy Hollow People

Pre-Order the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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