Pat Van Dyke – On The Good Foot

let-the-horns-blow-pvdTwo giants in the funky scene, Pat Van Dyke aka PVD and Record Breakin’ Music come together for the Let The Horns Blow Ep, available for pre-order now with a ship date of September 23rd. Known for keeping it funky, the first single, “On The Good Foot” is a dance floor filler that will get any shy flower up and at it. Reminiscent of, and a nod to JB of course (all hail The Godfather of Soul, The Minister of The New Super Heavy Funk Sound), Pat Van Dyke has brought you a winner people. Loading up the horn section with PVD regulars, Peter Lin on trombone, Brian Benninghove on Tenor/ Bariton Saxophone, Richard Polatchek on trumpet, and PVD filling in the beat with lively drums, etc., it’s as tight as you can expect an early ’70’s JB’s single to be. Adhering to those same funk principles as the greats has kept the mind and music of PVD busy. While he pays respect to the architects of the music, he is able to take his music higher. Blending funk, soul, jazz, and afro beat elements into 45s, his brand of music is well received all around. “On The Good Foot” will get you moving, the synth stabs will get your mind grooving, and if you can’t seriously get up on this people, get to a doctor and have that pulse checked.


We all love a good funk record, and both PVD and Record Breakin’ know their way around the genre. This record takes you back to smokey chitlin’ circuits, wall grinding parties, basements with lights out, bring your own bottles of alcohol, and music that keeps you dancing from the first note to the last at sun up. If this is your first introduction to Pat Van Dyke, welcome aboard, it’s a funky ride. Listen to the track below and pre-order from Record Breakin’ Music after. These guys know how to make it funky.

Bonus footage from the making of Let The Horns Blow

Pre-Order the 45 here.

Keep Diggin’!

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