The Exacters Feat. Roxy Ray – Ain’t Gonna Lie

Exacters 45The holiday gifts keep coming here at the office and today we’ve got another present out of the Dojo Cuts camp. Their original bass player, Guy Kilty has a new band, The Exacters. Providing us with heavy funk out of Manchester, UK, and adding in frequent collaborator Roxy Ray into the mix, “Ain’t Gonna Lie” is a banger in the mash of seven inches this year. A large dose of sister funk combined with wailing horns and hard hitting drums makes this 45 a winner for us. It’s got that sound that Sugar Pie made men swoon with over and the backing music is as sharp as a razor blade. Some certified heat to get the party started. Guy recruited Alex Stevenson (guitar), Rob Shield (drums) and Matt Burke (horns) to round out this funky family and blow minds. The flip side track, “The Ashes” is hard like Paul Power was for City in the 70’s and 80’s, so this makes the 45 a double shot of heat for your money. A definite candidate for one of the top 10 45s of the year, we are looking forward to more from this band. Your stocking has some extra funk in it this year. You’re welcome.

More info and purchase info here.

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