Plaid Room Records

Plaid RoomNormally today would be all about some Holiday mix (like my Gift Wrap mix) or some track that someone put out exclusively for the holidays (like this Ebonys track). However, since the holidays are all about giving, I thought that this Kickstarter campaign from the good people over at Colemine Records. Not only do they have one of the best indie funk and soul labels, owner Terry Cole has decided to take the biz one step further and attempt to open a record store, analog studio, as well as a live venue in Loveland, OH called Plaid Room Records. Here’s more about the project in Terry’s words:

“Opening a record store has been a lifelong dream for me. I’ve been involved with music my entire life and the idea of getting to share my love of music with others is a truly euphoric feeling.

Our goal with Plaid Room Records is simple: Make the best damn record store we possibly can! I spent the summer of 2014 traveling the country visiting record stores. I visited well over 80 stores….some good, some bad, some simply amazinb v5gg5g55g! I have seen what it takes to run a great record store and I know we can make Plaid Room Records one of those stores.

Plaid Room will not simply be a record store. It will also be the headquarters for Colemine Records, an independent record label I operate specializing in soul & funk 45s. And therefore, not only will Plaid Room Records carry tons of new and used vinyl, it will also have a fully functional analog recording studio. Our new studio is being built on a stage inside the store so our store can also serve as a live music venue at night or for daytime in-store performances.”

Terry Cole

What we like is someone who promotes vinyl record culture, and if you’ve been a fan of this site, you know we ride hard for Colemine and their releases. We think that this is a great thing, and hopefully you will too. So if you’re in the holiday mood for giving, here’s a great chance to give to vinyl record culture itself in the great state of Ohio. You’ll get some great premiums as well. Solid dude and solid record company, no doubt this multi-faceted facility will be dope! Midwest funk and soul lives in the present day!

Back the project here.

Keep Diggin’!

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