Klaus Layer – Another Season (Restless Adventures)

Klaus Layer Restless AdvAs we usher in a New Year here at Flea Market Funk, it just doesn’t stop. The world keeps spinning, changes happen, and music is being made throughout the world. As I rang in the New Year at home this year (a welcome respite from the hustle of a NYE gig), my family and I watched the same mainstream acts fake it ’til they make it while Ryan Seacrest aka Dick Clark Jr. spoon fed the television audience more drabble to listen to over their too strong drinks and 2-0-1-5 shaped glasses. All the while, there are thousands of artists who were playing their brand of music, spinning their style of records as the ball dropped in whatever hemisphere they lived (or were paid to live in this particular night). It leads me to wonder what today’s feature was up to. Klaus Layer, an artist we have featured here on the site and on the podcast, is a busy man. Captain Crook as he is sometimes called, is moving forward like Paris Saint Germain football: fast and furious with quality all around. The single from his up and coming full length, Restless Adventures, available through Redefenition Records on January 20th, is a perfect way to start the year off. The boom bap drums and airy feel bring us back to the 90’s on labels like Shadow, early Ninja Tune, and Wall of Sound. But for us, it’s the use of the sample, that makes this single pop. It picks up where Thes One’s Lifestyle Marketing left off. If you are not familiar with this opus, look it up. He sampled the works of studio musician/ jingle writer Herb Pilhofer to construct a record that was by all means something special. Layer’s sound, close to the PUTS member on this one, exposes the many layers (pun intended) in this track. While it can be classified as instrumental hip hop (the trip hop moniker has been dead a long time), Klaus is one helluva a musician as well. He’s playing these drum machines and samplers as instruments. In this composition we don’t just hear Thes One, we hear bands like Air (the French band, not the free jazz outfit), some DJ Krush, and even some Gainsbourg. This is good company to be in, or for that matter to be on par with. So while Charli XCX was lip synching “Boom Clap” on TV, people like Klaus were getting their music to the masses word of mouth, and flying under the radar on New Year’s Eve. That’s until it got to us, so feel free to tell a few friends. We believe that 2015 is Layer’s year here in the States. Just remember where you heard it. 2015 is looking up already.

Pre-order the record here, which is available in black or clear vinyl. Bonus!

Keep Diggin’!

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