Tom Showtime feat. D’Fro – Life Is Funky

Tom-ShowtimeComing straight out of Melbourne, producer Tom Showtime drops some boom bap influenced goodness for your ears in his latest single “Life Is Funky”. Based around the classic Round Robin Monopoly “Life Is Funky” sample, Showtime enlists rapper D’Fro (The Psyde Projects) to spit over this finely crafted beat to produce a banger that will have you dropping the needle on it again and again. Featuring vintage loops, a deep bass line, and syncopated horns, “Life Is Funky” comes through like a bull in a china shop, with D’fro spitting nicely over the reworked sample. If you like that 90’s flow, Roots type hip hop, than this track is for you. For us, it has a certain Pete Rock sound, and we can even hear bands like Funk Lovin’ Criminals in there too. Simply put, this tune knocks. If it was good enough for Ice T and LL to use it, well cot damn if Tom Showtime hasn’t resurrected this monster and put it to good use. A head nodder for sure, you need this track in your life. Keep your ears out for Tom Showtime, I’m sure he’s got more gems in his bag. Listen to the single below and be the judge.

Get more Tom Showtime info here.

Keep Diggin’!

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