The Brazilian Boogie Connection

brazilcover1Excited to bring you this collaboration from Cultures of Soul and the most excellent DJ/ Brazilian music historian from NYC Greg Caz. The Brazilian Boogie Connection: From Rio To Sao Paulo (1976-1983) is a trip to the lovely country to explore more than the bossa nova music Brazil is known for. Filled with disco era sides, some that were popular and many that weren’t, this baker’s dozen of ass shakin’ and dance floor moving tracks fills the gaps and want lists of DJs and music lovers everywhere. Featuring legends like Marcus Valle and Jorge Ben, the compilation also touches on artists Tim Maia, Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti, crate digger’s delights Banda Black Rio and Cassiano, as well as Robson Robson, and a spectacular Brazilian version of MJ’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” from Tarantulas. A snapshot from an era that many are unaware of, until now. The common bond on all of these records is that they make you MOVE. And we love that. Beautifully selected and put together with expert knowledge and deep crates of Brazilian music of all time frames, this record paints a picture of what it was like during this movement. At this point you may not have been a fan of any disco or boogie before you hear this record. However, we guarantee you that these disco/ boogie tracks will have you scrambling for ebay or getting your Brazilian friend’s uncle on the phone to see if you could go through his record collection. These records are that good. Cultures of Soul has positioned themselves as a leader in the record game. They have touched upon Jazz, Latin, Funk, Soul, as well as Indian Disco and Rockabilly and dirty R & B among other projects. Add Brazilian boogie to the list, as they prove once again, they are trailblazers in bringing unique, funky music of all kinds to the record buying public. Here some samples of the record here.

Pre-order the double LP available February 3rd here.

Keep Diggin’!

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