John Robinson & Kyo Itachi – The Path Of Mastery

John SciUp today we have a sweet collaboration album by French producer Kyo Itachi and veteran emcee John Robinson called The Path Of Mastery. Originally released in 2013 in a digital and CD format, Dusty Platter are proud to announce that it will get the vinyl treatment this year. They’re teaming up with Shinigamie Records to finally give this impressive project its propers with a March release on the black crack we all love. The record has unique 12 tracks, and features guest appearances by Skanks (of Bankai Fam), Contro Versy, Eloh Kush (of Angelz INC), Dj Diaz, and more. Dusty Platter is following up with their successful vinyl releases 2014 with this scorcher for 2015. John Robinson continues his collaborations with dope producers and emcees at present time, and although it’s close to two years old, this release holds up like Bumpy Knuckles in a street fight. Get your backpack out of the closet, you’ll need it with this one. A dope release that deserves a release on vinyl. Thanks to Dusty Platter for getting this one to the people on our format of choice. Check out a track below and jump on the pre-order link.

“All Hail The Honorable”

Pre-Order the record here

Keep Diggin’!

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