Alpman – Seven Seas b/w Behind The Ocean

AlpmanWhen we hear a new record from an artist we championed here at Flea Market Funk from the beginning, we are excited to share. Aplan, hailing from Istanbul, Turkey put out a banger of a 45 in the past on Kept Records. We’ve followed this talented musician’s career in his native Turkey since that record, and Alpman’s been a busy boy. When not doing music and being sponsored by some of the biggest corporate companies known worldwide, he started working with his band, The Midnight Walkers. Playing shows, making music, and building their name up is just what they did. This 45 is just a drop in the bucket of the music they made, and we are excited to premier this on FMF today. A talented multi-instrumentalist, Alpman makes moody, psychedelic funk rock music. Heavy on the guitar and organ, his tunes are left field, far away from the mainstream, and further off than most independent funk and soul releases. His sound is special, and we’re delighted to hear him expanding with a band and releasing interesting records for the masses.

Teaming up with The Midnight Walkers (Umut Çetin, Ali Somay, and Baran Göksu), he’s put out another keeper of a seven inch for your record box. “Seven Seas” is a guitar driven, organ laden side funk psych rock side that gets Alpman’s influences right on the table from the get go. Picking up and and expanding where that Kept 45 left off, Alpman continues to shred this tune with fuzzy guitars and spooky organ. This reminds us of a lost cut on the Vampyros Lesbos soundtrack, a trip down the rabbit hole of funky psychedelic breaks, moody organ riffs, plus a heavy dose of fuzz to keep it nice. The flip, “Behind The Ocean” is a track that could easily be featured on a television or film soundtrack. Its Middle Eastern funky vibe is apparent all the way through. Packed with subtle, yet hard enough drums to get the job done, there is a sweet little combination organ and drum breakdown in the middle that makes us happy. ‘Rock Spychedelic’ as Alpman calls his music, is still alive and well. As the song fades and the organ, and drums get heavier, the songs makes its exit. Now we want more, so Alpman, give us another single soon! As Alpman and the band gear up for a Spring tour of Italy, we’re only hoping to see this talented crew on the shores of the US in 2015. So, booking agents, if you’re reading, get these guys to NYC and beyond. Listen to both tracks below.

Get the record on Melting Mountain Recording Co. here.

Keep Diggin’!

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