The Bank – Europa Center

Europa CenterThe BankKicking off your weekend we have some funk and afrodisco made right in Italy. The Bank (name taken from the coveted yearly banker’s holiday gig they worked hard to get during their touring days in Western Africa) have a point to make. And it’s a big point. Italian afrodisco is alive and well and they are championing it! The trio of bass player Domenico Loparco, guitar player Emanuele Zullo, and drummer Francesco Brini are back with their sophomore effort that is raw and edgy, something we love here at Flea Market Funk. Full of driving guitars, cowbell, and even stripped down funk tracks, Europa Center locks down a groove and stays there. This eight song record cures what ails you, as it shifts from a Kay-Gees funky time on “Free Keys” to raw, stripped down, funk tracks on “The King of Stones”, right into an afrodisco party on “Shake It Like A Zombie” (this tune has just been remixed by Belabouche and will be available on a very limited record put out by Spare Change Disco). Talk about more cowbell. This is the track you want to shake it to ’til the breakadawn. “Dive Bar” and “Berliner” have those infectious, guitar licks and drums to keep the dance floor filled, while a track like “San Francisco” flirts with funky soul meets a wah wah guitar while picking up speed from city to city, and the blaxploitation riffs of “1989” combine nicely with multi-percussion sounds to provide a soundtrack to some Italian football hooligan film after the The Derby dell’Emilia. All in all, we are impressed by this second effort from The Bank. The energy of the music is undeniable throughout, and while it reminds us a bit of The Electric Six of “Fire In The Disco” fame, these fellas have forged their own path with their own sound. Have a listen to the full album below. Glad to know these guys call themselves The Bank, because they are money all day long.

More information at their website.

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