LTF – Groove Habits

LTFunnamed (3)The intersection of an artist with the groove is a special thing. There are many jazz artists that you experience this with: Lonnie Liston Smith, Freddie Hubbard, and Herbie Hancock, to name a few. This list goes on and on. Today, we bring you some of that very groove from France via Siberia. LTF, aka Anton Jay grew up on b-boy and DJ culture. DJing in this cold region really motivates you apparently, because he started to make music by programming beats, playing double bass, and experimenting with vintage Russian keyboards. The LTF sound was born. He’s about to release his debut EP on Black Milk Music called Light The Fuse, and here’s a tid bit of said EP with “Groove Habits”. “Groove Habits” is a journey back to the early 70’s, when producers like Creed Taylor let artists roam free on CTI and produce some of the most riveting funky jazz we have on record. It is also reminiscent of those same time period Blue Note Records releases that were the roots of acid jazz. Full up with great drums, breakbeats, horn stabs, and nasty bass lines, “Groove Habits” shows Jay’s b boy roots for sure, with breakdowns, scratching, and an upbeat tempo that will have you uprocking in your seat. There are many elements of jazz, funk, and hip hop throughout this side. This is the kind of ‘under the radar’ music we like to champion here, small indie releases with a big sound. Quite impressive for a first effort, it will see a limited release single called “Supatravel” b/w “Whisper” available January 26th on Black Milk Music. Take a ride today with a new artist doing his best to forge his own sound but shouting out the past in the meantime. We all have groove habits that are hard to break. This one’s a good habit for sure. Light the fuse baby, it’s about to explode.

Order the EP and record here.

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