LTF – Teahupoo b/w Step Out Your Shadow

LTF Teahupoo 45LTF artAnton Ivanchenko aka LTF, the Siberian producer extraordinaire is back once again with another seven inches of heat. “Teahupoo” named after the endless, unforgiving waves of the Tahitian break is a breakaway from his break out 45 we reviewed here on FMF some time ago. Echoing music coming off of the Ninja Tune label in the 2000’s more than the Yugoslav and Cuban jazz that fueled the first, this is definitely a B-Boy track even if it wasn’t meant to be. Full of heavy bass that kicks in like “Juice”, you can see surfers getting pummeled or making it out of that super heavy wave as this blasts behind. The music crests and troughs as waves do, and the are just as much something out of Manchester in the ’00’s as Siberia in 2016. This is a top track that might fly under the radar had you not paid attention. It’s top notch, and another sleeper we definitely recommend. The flip, ‘Step Out Your Shadow” could be from the same period. With an odd organ and trippy drums, a bit slower than the A side, but still a head nodder for sure. It’s a little reminder of just how good music was coming out at that time. We dig the piano break down that builds right back up into some spaced out jazzy trip with drums that knock like they should. Who’s gonna take the weight on this one? Of course LTF will, and you get the great results. Check out both sides of the 45 below, and purchase the record at the bottom of this feature. Enjoy this patch of Siberia via Madchester vibes on the latest seven inch out of France. Got it?

Get the record here.

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