Tucker & Bloom 45 Bag W/ Leather Handle

TB Record bag 100 CamoWhen companies do it right, they just do it right. One company that just keeps doing it right is Tucker & Bloom. The independent bespoke bag maker that has been catering to a massive DJ crowd of all proportions is back again with something new. The new Tucker & Bloom 45 Bag with Leather handle is ready to go. This one has been in the works for a while, with cool papa Case Bloom traveling all over the globe testing it. From Mexico to both coasts and back, he has given it the toughest treatment. Now, it’s ready for public consumption. After major success with the Rich Medina 45 Bag in 2013 til infinity, this new bag is like Medina’s little brother. A funky little guy that is a bonus by itself or with its big brother.

TB Record bag 100 Camo 2

Here are the specs:

– Waterproof Ballistic Nylon withstands the bumps and scrapes
– Vegetable-tanned leather carrying handle
– Ergonomic shearling shoulder strap
– A velveteen-lined interior holds up to 100 seven-inch records, which are secured with our Takeout Top velcro flaps and nickel-cast brass hardware
– Two side pockets hold spare needles and headphones, and a back slip pocket is the perfect size for a notebook
– The front pocket was designed to hold cables, a recording device, etc.
Lifetime Warranty

TB Record bag 100 Camo 3

Now for those of you that travel, and if you have the Rich Medina 45 bag, you know how important this bag was to the game. Despite its higher price, which for a lifetime warranty is well worth it in our opinion, it is the choice bag for many traveling DJs. This one is another changer as well. It holds up to 100 records, that, at about 3 minutes a piece is 300 minutes (not counting the B sides). So you’re talking about 4 hours comfortably of music to play. To be able to carry approximately that amount of music, plus accessories (headphones, needles, whatever else in reason), is definitely a good thing. It comes in three color ways, camo, black and green, as utilitarian as you can get. Check out the link below to purchase the bag and get more info on another game changer from Tucker & Bloom.

Buy the bag here.

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