Vinyl For A Cause

Vinyl For A CauseWe are always all in when it comes to vinyl records, and when we first heard about this project, Vinyl For A Cause, we wanted to spread the word. Founded by two Chicago chaps, Adam Victorn and Charlie Greengoss, who have seen more of their share of music and vinyl related projects. Working for radio stations, concert venues, sports stadiums, ad agencies, and more, the two have combined their love for vinyl and co-founded a vinyl record label start up that gives back. The idea is simple: musicians covering each other’s music and recording it on vinyl. Part of the proceeds from the record go to charity. Just like that. A simple idea and a way to give back, and two bands playing each other’s tunes. Cover songs are always a good thing in our book.

So far they have three releases slated, which include Railway Gamblers / The Leadfoot Band, Jesse W. Johnson / Coed Pageant, and IndigoSun / The Heard. The Indie Go Go campaign will help get this off the ground. For the official launch they have partnered up with VH1’s Save The Music Foundation and will be donating half the proceeds towards supporting music education programs across the US. We think that is pretty cool. We have always known that vinyl records could do good in the world. VFAC is not only doing big things in Chicago, but it can do big things all over the world with your help. Check out the video that explains the project and its goals, and jump to the link to back the project, as well as check out the unique perks you can get for backing them.


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