Polyrhythmics- El Fuego b/w The Mendo Mulcher

Polyrhthmics-El-FuegoPolyJust as a storm of the century is moving in here on the East Coast, we’re buckling down at Flea Market Funk with a brand new seven inch from the Northwest’s best afro funk and soul outfit, Polyrhythmics. Their latest doubled sided heater comes via Kept Records, and it looks like they are taking it to the next level in their music, as this is one of the best forty fives to come out in 2015 so far. Elevating their trademark funky sound higher than they have before, they are ready to rock your headphones, a stage, your car, or anything else that gets in their way, including this blizzard. Hot music dedicated to the art of moving butts, so let’s get into it.

“El Fuego” is an aptly titled afro funk heat rock. It is the fire. The horns will have you drifting away in a funky bliss as the hard hitting percussion sticks and moves like Tyson. All the while a deep bass line and a trumpet solo by Scott Morning keep the dancers moving until daybreak like Fela did nightly at Afrika Shrine. More heavy stuff from the Northwest, and it’s not over yet. “The Mendo Mulcher”, a tribute to the North California lifestyle, is a mellower groove that soothes you like the Mendicino Purps. Some great percussion and horn work elevate your mind and keep the party going. You dig? Picking up right where they left off on their last record Libra Stripes, both of these sides fit the description of the recording sesh aptly named “The Killion Sessions” at the legendary Hollywood studio. It should have been called “The KILLING Sessions”, because they straight killed it! It’s quite obvious that the Polyrhythmics are serious musicians with a serious message: they play music to make you body and mind move. Check them out on tour at a venue near you. The rhythm and the rebel that is Polyrhthmics is back, and this time they are definitely taking no prisoners out on the dance floor. This 45 drops, February 9th, so do not sleep.

Listen to the new single here:

Pre-order the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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