Alice Ivy – Charlie

16276493731_8f20327d4f_bWhile we are always situated right on or very close to the funk, soul, and DJ scene, our ears are always open for artists who’s music straddles that spirit. In fact, if it has those elements, or elements of hip hop, jazz, reggae, or is just plain funky, we dig. You get it? This morning, we bring you an artist out of Melbourne, Australia who comes from a funk and soul background and has now branched out to do her own thing. This artist is Alice Ivy. Formerly a guitarist in various funk and soul bands, Ivy has chosen to go solo. Her music is funky and borders on the electronic relam. Not usually our cup of tea here at FMF, but honestly this could slip right into one of our sets with ease. The first single “Charlie”, featuring Georgia Allen, is available right now, and it’s simply beautiful. Sample based and chock full of soul sounds as well as some stand out horns, Ivy has the right recipe to get your head nodding on this one. The track reminds us a bit of Earl Zinger crossed up with Nightmares on Wax and Young Holt Unlimited: soulful but funky enough to feel the beat…drop. This track also reminds us of another artist we championed on here at the end of the year, German based artist Klaus Layer. While layer injects the boom bap, Ivy does the same. Thousands of miles away, but each with a gift for making you feel good and get up and move. This track is heavily on repeat here at the offices this am. It’s a funky introduction of how nice she is on the playing as well as the production tip. Here’s our one question: When is it available on vinyl? That’s the feather in the cap for this track. Hoping that is a possibility sometime very soon. Listen to the track below:

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