Live From Greenville Studios Episode #4

Live From GV Studios Episode 4After a month long hiatus, the Live From Greenville Studios podcast is back. Our old trusty Mackie board finally shit the bed, but we were able to find a new and updated replacement, so here goes show number four. It only took a blizzard and ice storm to get us to sit down and ply some ferocious records for you. So here is 80 minutes + of heat filled LPs and 45s. A lot are new editions to our library, but please enjoy new music from 1/6 (Hope Street Recordings), The Out of Towners (Our Label Records), Dirty Burners (RBMB), Honey and The Badgers, plus deep cuts from The Left Bank, The Tremelos, Joseph Henry, Lynn Varnado, Pete Rodriguez, and more. It’s a digging expedition led by FMF, so strap on your ear goggles and get ready to go. Enjoy! If you like what you hear, tell a friend.

Live From Greenville Studios Episode #4

INTRO Jean Luc Ponty – Canteloupe Island
Joseph Henry – Who’s The King
Lynn Varnado – Wash and Wear Love
The Out of Towners – Marton Boys Club
1/6 – Cosmetic Love – Hope Street
Winston Scott – My Little Filly
TALKOVER – Funky Bijou Breaks- Tropicoco
Jurassic 5 – Linguistics
The Neopalitans – Funky Yug
Dirty Burners – Hey! Last Minute
Winston Simonal – Se Voce Pensa
TALK OVER The High and Mighty – Dirty Decibals
Honey and the Badgers – Badger Strut
Groove Holmes & Ernie Watts – Come Together
The Left Bank – Haven’t Got The Nerve
The Tremelos – Instant Whip
The Messengers – California Soul
TALK OVER Artifacts – All Points Bulliten
Pete Rodriguez – Oh That’s Nice! Part 1
Tito Puente – Black Brothers
Bobby LaCour – Hippie Joe
Stoned Soul Picnic – One Dollar Hotel
Brother Jack McDuff – Down Home Style
Maulawi – Orotonds
OUTRO Afu Ra – Whirlwind Through Cities Premier Remix


Download episode #4 here.

Keep Diggin’!

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