1/6 – Cosmetic Love

Jappo-45While we are settling in once again for a huge snowstorm on the East Coast, I had to get this in for a late Monday after shoveling myself out the Flea market Funk headquarters. Hope Street Recordings, the heart and soul of Brunswick, Australia is back once again. This time it’s a a diverse double sided forty five. Diving into some hip hop on the A side, let’s get familiar with 1/6th. The duo is part of the flip side band, The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra, who haven’t released a record in a minute. Don’t let that get you down though people, two of the members, rapper 1/6 and singer / percussionist Lamine Sonko put together a dope little track to nod your head to. “Cosmetic Love” is a live band doing what they do best, playing dope music on a track that was shelved for years. Resurrected by 1/6, organ tracks and percussion were laid down over it, and and as Bob Ross says, a “happy accident” was born. That’s one of the dopest happy accidents I have heard, especially for an A side. Now go on to the flip, and the Public Opinion Six, the rhythm section of the POAO, give us the extra funky “Jappo.” With a heavy 70’s Lagos influenced groove, this tune will bring it all together. In fact, its title means unite in the Senegalese language of Wolof. Some great percussion and eerie organ set this short stack of fire off. Whether you are in West Africa or west Philly, this record is hard not to get. It’s fire, and exactly what we stand for here at FMF. we want to unite the world through music, get people talking, and spread the good gospel of vinyl. Hope Street and their releases help us do that. If you’re not familiar at all, then get familiar. They already have another soul side that’s coming out on the label, so look out. Back catalog is fresh as well. Now it’s time to put the feet up and crank both sides loud. Pick it up before the stock is gone.

Buy the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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