Monophonics – Promises

Promises 45MonophonicsThe hits just keep on coming for Ohio based Colemine Records, and with their latest release of Bay Area funksters Monophonics, they show no signs of stopping. The addition of a record store/ recording studio/ rehearsal space called Plaid Room Records has not slowed them down either, as this record is a piece of the puzzle of a variety of seven inches and a breakbeat record this busy label has put out over the last months. This particular seven inch is steeped deep in a psychedelic soul dream with elements of a soundtrack to some 60’s surfer karate movie.

“Promises was a natural next step from our last record. It has a certain quality that really fits in the Psychedelic Soul pocket while also using elements of Reggae with a driving bass line, cinematic music with kung fu like horns, and a shimmering 12 string acoustic guitar that reflects the sound of the 60’s. The bonus was having our talented friend and über musical mind Shawn Lee on mallet percussion and tambourine.”- Kelly Finnigan & Ian McDonald

It’s a sound that haunts you, takes you back to a freer time in music, where Miles Davis played next to Jimi Hendrix at Berkley, when different genres of sounds mixed cohesively like a recipe for some space cake you ate while waiting for the next band to come on. Monophonics are the real deal, and they have been for quite some time. However, unlike the song, they do keep their promise of good releases and good sides. This track pushes their heavy sound into directions that expand the listener’s musical horizons even further. Those horns, that 12 string acoustic, the heavy back beat and deep bass line all go together with moody vocals, weaving an aural tale of lies and seduction. As well as this seven inch offering, they have a full length called The Sound of Sinning, available 4/1. If this is anything like the long player, we are all in for a great ride. Listen to the record below.

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