Fusik – Percusso

Fusik-Percusso-45Fusik-bandIn the true spirit of funky and soulful music coming out of Florida, the band Fusik are one to watch. Following in the footsteps of legendary artists on the Stone and Glades imprint, this band makes high energy funk for dance floors and the like. Flying under the radar of FMF and collectors alike until now, this five piece is ready to make moves and their latest 45 “Percusso” is all the proof you need. Busting right out of the gate with a solid bass line, the track goes full speed into a heavy hammond and hard drums. It’s a side strictly for the B-Boys, as you get as much of The Meters as you do up rocking in this three minute plus explosion. With a sweet percussion breakdown, you will no doubt want to rock doubles of this as it feathers out into a fine Latin groove and wah wah guitar, with the ferocity of a freight train getting to its new destination. The flip, “Groove In C”, is a funky slide that has a Bob James feel to it from the start. Good times on the B-Side as well! Although their sound may be new to us here and to some of you out there, Fusik has been banging beats and making people dance for the better part of ten years, and have been representing B-Boy events and funk in the Sunshine State and world wide lovely. Sharing stages with N.E.R.D. and Orgone to name a few, they’ve also toured throughout the globe, preaching the gospel of Fusik along the way. Three indie full lengths and a bag full of 45s later, Fusik are about to drop an EP for 2015, and if it’s anything like this 45, we are all in for a treat. So if you’re into funk and soul, good 45s, support these guys and help spread the good word of Fusik. Top notch funk from Florida is in the house. Their logo and music has legendary written all over it.

Here’s a sneak peek at their EP due out in 2015.

Buy the record and more here.

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