Live From Greenville Studios Episode #7: Pat Van Dyke

Live-From-GV-Studios-Episode7On this edition of Live From Greenville Studios, we have the multi-talented musician, band leader, and composer Pat Van Dyke aka PVD. Originally, we were supposed to have both he and John ‘Sci’ Robinson, but another snowstorm blew through and held up John. We are going to reschedule the two to speak on their musical partnership and more very soon. PVD brought over some records as well as a bottle of bourbon to share, which was perfect for a snowed out Sunday here in the Greenville Studios. During the course of the show we touched on his collaborations, his influences, and he brought a record bag of vinyl that we spun and talked about. It was my pleasure to have this talented cat in the studio, and along the journey you’ll hear some tunes PVD is into these days, as well as new tracks out of the Daptone camp alongside reissued soul from Secret Stash, a new Polyrhythmics track, some of PVD’s music (of course), and much much more. Thanks for tuning in, and stay tuned for the next episode coming to your headphones very soon.

Live From Greenville Studios Episode #7: Special Guest PVD aka Pat Van Dyke

INTRO W/Pat Van Dyke
Kool and The Gang – Summer Madness
Josephine Taylor – For You My Love
Bennie Sings – Straight Lines
The Pioneers – Pony Express
Polyrhythmics – El Fuego
Saun & Starr – Look Closer
Buscrates 16 Bit Ensemble – B Boy Stance
Wayne Carter – Mad Mouth Woman
Herbie Hancock – Trust Me
Sookie – Rhythm On Rhythm (Nik Weston Edit)
The Meltdown – Better Days
Dialated Peoples – Weed vs. Beer
Sergio Mendes – Look Around
Alice Clark – I Keep It Hid
Soul East – Funky Lady Part 1
Pat Van Dyke – Forest Street Blue
Pat Van Dyke – Frequency
OUTRO Bill Murray and RZA

Download the show here.

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