DJ Yamin: NOLA Breaks V2

NOLA Breaks V2We are fans of NOLA music here on FMF. Whether it be Eddie Bo or Robert Parker, we’ve always been on the look out for some crisp Nawlins seven inch goodies. So when this forty five slid into out box this week, we had to push it to the top of the queue. This double sided charmer comes courtesy of DJ Yamin out of the Big Easy. Following the success of NOLA Breaks V1, which took on Mary Jane Hooper and Inell Young, NOLA Breaks V2 takes on two more funky New Orleans classics. The first track, a belter of a tune, Dr. John’s “Right Place Wrong Time” gets the boom bap treatment. With a cut and paste chorus and some fat drums, this dance floor favorite just got even sweeter. Some carefully placed scratches and a nice little break down will let you ride it to the very end, no doubt with ass shaking to follow. The flip, another classic that we don’t think we have heard an edit of, is Reuben Bell’s “Super Jock”. Really brought to life after the Brainfreeze craze, the price of this original still fetches a good amount out in the vinyl market. She’s a funky mama, and Yamin has taken the re-edit to the next level. With a super funky groove and beefed up drums, this will put a little more slide in your glide for sure. Complete with an extended scratch break, we are excited to give this one a spin. This 45 is available in limited edition splatter blue vinyl with a tribute label to NOLA Records. A welcome edition to your funky little record box. Get on it! DJ Yamin

A great project all around by a talented DJ/ producer. Check out the tracks below:

Get the record here.

More sounds from DJ Yamin here.

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