NOLA Breaks V.3

NOLA Breaks V3New Orleans music history is a funky one, and we’re excited to see that DJ Yamin has kept his NOLA Breaks seven inch series going on with Volume 3. The previous two records were his take on massive N.O. records. Everyone from Rueben Bell to Inell Young, to Dr. John and more were reinterpreted by this talented DJ and producer. An updated tribute to the sounds from The Big Easy. This time Professor Shorthair has grabbed two other artists and classics to bring to the masses. We’ve got the Meters “Handclapping Song” and Ernie K. Doe’s “Here Come The Girls”. The Meters track gives nods to classic hip hop tracks with KRS-One samples and Kurtis Blow and some very beefy drums to a tune that already had some head nodding drums to begin with. Add that extra punch and you’re snapping necks. The flip of the Ernie K. Doe banger will get people up and moving like it always does, this time with some added goodies for your listening pleasure. Pressed up on fresh yellow vinyl, we dropped this the other night to some shaking butts and it got the crowd going. Have a listen to both tracks below.

Buy the record here.

Check out the new Nolamix Record Shop here. If you’re in New Orleans, stop and say what up to DJ Yamin.

Keep Diggin’!

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