Florian Pellissier Quintet – Le Cap de Bonne Espérance

Florian P QuintetOut of the Heavenly sweetness camp comes the Florian Pellissier Quintet. Inspired on this one through South African Jazz, Pellissier and his band, who have been with him for nearly a decade, put together a 60’s sounding nine song Lp that is full of good vibes and great musicianship. Recorded in just three days in the studio, Pellissier on piano, David Georgelet on drums,Yoni Zelnik on bass, Christophe Panzani and Yoann Loustalot, on saxophone and trumpet, laid down a record that could have been released by Blue Note in the 1960’s. From the opening notes of “Cap de Bonne Espérance” to the raw energy on “The Hipster”, where Pellissier’s piano and the band get locked into this groove that oozes the Blue Note sound, to the melancholy and free “Almeria” and the funky “Les Masques Africains”, this record takes your ears back to a time when jazz music was jazz music. If we hadn’t told you this was a new release, and if the modern Lp graphics weren’t applied, you could swear this was some long lost record. With two covers mixed in among the originals, one of them “What A Difference A Day Makes”, featuring the beautiful voice of Leron Thomas, ends this great recording in the best way. We are fully behind these musicians and this record. For us, the best jazz record that was late 2015/ early 2016 hands down. It is the sound, ya dig? We will admit that we are completely bias here at FMF, and are drawn to labels like Blue Note and Prestige, and have been searching for this kind of sound since we started buying jazz. We’ve found it almost 25 years later still through Florian Pellissier and his Quintet. It’s wonderful to hear that this kind of sound can be alive and well today, interpreted lovely by a group of not just talented but conscious musicians, and delivered through the hardworking label Heavenly Sweetness. The record is available on March 4th in a double Gatefold Lp. Check out a sample of the music below.

More on Heavenly Sweetness here.

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