Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – Was Dog A Doughnut

BRSB LogoA few years ago, a version of 50 Cent’s “P.I.M.P.” surfaced. It was heavy on the steel drum. Many, in fact, thought it was the original song that was sampled for the track. In fact, it wasn’t, but many still feel that way today. Enter the Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band. Lead by Björn Wagner, the founder of The Mighty Mocambos, who had spent some time in Trinidad & Tobago and fell in love with the steel drum, mastered it, and had a special drum made by master drum maker Louis C. Smith. He then took his new found love and skill back to Germany to blend it with the hip hop, funk, and soul stylings he was already proficient in with his other bands. The result was the aforementioned track and a highly coveted 45 with two Meters covers from 2007. These tracks raised a lot of eyebrows in the industry. Years later, enter Danny Akalepse. The two bonded over music and records, and after a 45 release on the Plain Jane label (“Bacao Suave”), they’ve joined forces to put out a full length called 55 on Big Crown. Full of interesting covers (John Holt’s “Police In Helicopter”, Faith Evans “Love Like This”) and this track, Cat Stevens’ “Was Dog A Doughnut”, as well as tough as nails originals that stand out on their own, this full length has raised eyebrows since it was announced it was coming out. The project was recorded to analog 8-track in Hamburg, Germany at Mocambo’s Studio and will be available on March 18th on a special 2-LP set as well as CD. If the reaction to the early 45s BRSB put out is any indication of what’s going to happen with this full length, then these records aren’t going to sit around for too long. In other words, don’t sleep on these cats. Check out the track “Was Dog A Doughnut” below, which is a bang up cover of the electro classic off of his Izitso record. We have a feeling that this record is going to be huge. Hear for yourself.

Bacao Cover

Keep Diggin’!

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