The Summit – Nocturnes

THE SUMMIT - NOCTURNES COVER With so much music being released on a daily basis, it’s hard sometimes to be able to find releases such as this one. Fortunately, FleaMarket Funk is here to help you weed out the bad apples. Soundweight Records are no stranger to putting out great releases, hitting the DJ community with Jorun Bombay, DJ Format, and Andy Cooper seven inches. However, this time they dig a little deeper and with this release. A full length of instrumental hip hop from The Summit. Collabos with Cappo, Lewis Parker, Melanin 9, and others, it was a natural progression that an all instrumental record would follow. Straight off the bat, it’s easily recognizable boom bap era beats get your ear listening closer and your head nod going on. This is a journey into sound. It’s soulful, jazzy, and sometimes raw and edgy. Live instrumentation inter dispersed with hard beats that snap, plus some rhymes thrown in to get you hyped. This record is something for your whip, your headphones, or your pad of course, played at loud volumes. These sides are dope. Call them aural landscapes or moods, whatever you want, but The Summit has hit something with this release. The days of jazzy breaks and loops and an underground vibe are back, and we welcome it with open arms. Like it was said before: “This is real shit, somethin’ you feel shit”. In our opinion, a future classic right here. Art work on point by Mr. Krum as well. Everyone is so jazzed up about hip hop 45s, let this release bring you back to the long player, will you? Listen to a sampler of the record below.

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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