VIDEO PREMIERE: Jonny Drop – Mind Field

Jonny Drop
We love it when good record labels pop up. Especially when it’s from three talented cats like Adam Scrimshire, Dave Koor,  and Jonny Drop. Named after Scrimshire’s grandad Albert and his mix tapes he used to make, Albert’s Favourites is not just a cool back story.   It’s a serious label putting out serious music.  The label has put together a roster of talented artists so far that include The Expansions, Jonny Drop, and others to make his grandad proud. This is no fly by night record label people, it comes with much experience.   Having been heavily involved in production, labels, DJing, live music and the illustrious Wah Wah 45s imprint, that experience and a knack for finding good talent and records make the label a hit already. For their first release, they went with co-founder Jonny Drop’s effort “Mind Field” off of his full length Sub Plot. Drummer, beatmaker, member of The Expansions, The Gene Dudley Group, and skins man extraordinaire for Andrew Ashong and more, Drop’s production skills are on point as well. A serious record collector and DJ, his soulful sets of diverse styles of music are legendary. So you know the man is serious about his music and of course vinyl record culture.

“Mind Field” is a heavy on the drums (as you would expect), and with atmospheric, soulful, vocal samples that get your mind floating throughout the just over four minute excursion. The organ and synth stabs touch you just in the right place, plus the various percussion included give it a huge ‘cinematic soul’ feel. Drop has dug deep on this effort, and while others were doing something else, Jonny Drop was quietly making beats from his extensive vinyl record collection in his London flat. That quiet beat making has lead to this very release, which we think is brilliant. A back drop for a film or soundtrack to your daily life, Jonny Drop’s beats are proof that records can change the way you listen to music. A string here, some harmony there, a drum beat, organ part or vocal snippet, they all fit together nicely to make something beautiful when put together.  The man works hard and it shows on this effort, because it’s not as easy as we just made it sound.  Please enjoy the track as well as the video premiere from Albert’s Favourites. The 7″ featuring “Mind Field” as well as “This Is The One” are available now on 7″.


Buy the record here.

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