Jurassic 5: The Woodbox Quality Control Deluxe

J51The fellas over at Get On Down have been busy since the last Record Store Day. It’s hard for them to beat these top shelf releases that they have put out over the past few years or so. However, they have got some treats for the masses this year, and they will be only available in stores, so if you’re a fan of Jurassic 5, you will have to wait in line to get your hands on a copy of this unique record set. The J5 peaked my interest in the 90’s, and I remember shopping at a Tower Records in Dublin and picking a copy of their Jurassic 5 EP, and thinking one, these guys are incredible. They straddled underground and mainstream hip hop, had two dope DJs (two!) and producers, and harmonized like they did BITD. Two, I always wondered how long they would last though because there were so many members (I mean that’s a lot of dudes to get paid!). They did have a great run in their career though. What really sold them for me was what a bunch of great people they were when I shared a table with them as a part of the Vans Warped Tour in the early 2000’s. Not only did they make great music, but everyone was humble and down to earth. As a fan, that is all you want. So here were are in 2015, they reunited for a slew of shows last year, and for RSD, April 18th, we get a treasure chest of vinyl. Enter the Jurassic 5 Woodbox Quality Control Deluxe Set.

Quality Control, their first full length album, showcased not just the harmonizing choruses, but smart production and a throwback feel that influenced a whole new generation of fans and rappers alike. The innovative 2 DJ combo of Cut Chemist and NuMark added more spice to the cooking with oddball samples, DJ workout tracks, and more. On a whole, you couldn’t eff with the band’s lyrical linguistics, and combined with a dope live show, their popularity and music traveled the globe. Quality Control is a place in time that can not be messed with. So it’s fitting that Get On Down chose this record as a special package for RSD 2015. With a limited edition of 2,000, this deluxe wood box housed record set (with an engraved J5 logo on the front), has four LPs for your listening pleasure. 2 vocal and 2 instrumental records sit along side a deluxe 24 page booklet with photos from esteemed photographer B+ and contain in-depth liner notes from author Brian Coleman. He managed to get all 6 members to contribute, so you won’t want to miss this. If you’re a fan of J5, this looks to be the ultimate box set. Now I wonder if the guys from Get On Down will be releasing the tree trunk turntable anytime soon? That would complete the set.

More info here.

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